Pursuing Revival in 2019

By Pastor Peter McLewin

For the last three days I have attended a revival meeting at Cape Henry Church. Pastor Gil Howard Browne from South Africa shared fascinating stories from meetings where he has seen Holy Spirit touch people from many different church backgrounds. I have been praying for revival in our city for more than five years. The main purpose of Power Surge is to give people who are hungry to experience the presence of God time to search for Him without worrying about getting out of church on time.

Many people talk about wanting revival, but when it comes, Holy Spirit often manifests in ways that make religious folk uncomfortable. My prayer is that in 2019 we become more hungry for Holy Spirit than we have ever been and that, no matter how He manifests Himself, we will embrace what He has for us.

The book club that I regularly attend on Friday mornings at 7:30am began the year by reading “The Book That Made Your World,” written by Vishal Mangalwadi. The subtitle to the book reads, “How the Bible created the soul of western civilization.” Even though I have traveled to Asia many times, I have learned so much more about the foundations of eastern thinking, especially Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Living in the current form of Western Culture, it is easy to overlook the world view that brought about the conveniences that many take for granted. I invite you to join me at a lecture that the author of the book will give at Grace River Church in Virginia Beach on January 31st. Please email me at inglesideinternational@gmail.com to reserve your free tickets.

Our next “School of Preaching” class will be Wednesday, February 20th at 7:00pm. Our topic will be “Preaching the Gospels,” with a focus on The Gospel of Matthew. The preaching class is open to any who are interested in increasing their knowledge of the Gospels and how to communicate the message of the gospels more effectively. Participants attending the class will be given the opportunity to preach a 2-3 minute sermon on their favorite text in Matthew, if they wish.

He lived there two full years and welcomed all who came to him proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. Acts 28:30-31


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