Renewed Strength for Autumn
By Pastor Peter McLewin
     We were blessed to have Mayor Kenneth Alexander of Norfolk speak at my 33rd anniversary at Ingleside. His message was just what we needed to hear. I am grateful for the special guests, visitors and members who made this celebration such a memorable experience for us. Mayor Alexander’s message can be heard at inglesidechurch.com/sermons and is posted on Facebook (Ingleside Staffer).
     Give it up for IngleFest 14! We appreciate partnering with our Civic League, public safety service providers, vendors and volunteers who work together to make our neighborhood a great place to live. God gave us some of the best weather we have ever had for IngleFest!
     Our church has been abuzz all summer; floors have been refinished, classrooms have been painted, updated lighting has been installed in many rooms. The biggest exterior change is 8 dusk-to-dawn floodlights around the building. On top of all of this, a contract to replace our entire roof has been awarded. Many volunteers have donated hours of labor, businesses have donated time and Homeschool Plus has invested over $11,000 improving our building. We are grateful for God’s good provision for the building He has given us to steward.
Last Sunday Superbook Kids ages 2-5 and Superbook Academy ages 6-12 were launched. One participant was heard saying to her friend, “Church was so much fun today! I’m coming every Sunday!” Wendi Nixon has volunteered to lead Superbook Kids and Academy. See the front page for more details.
     Demetria Stallings will minister at Power Surge on September 12th at 7:00pm. Demetria carries an extraordinary ability to sing in the spirit and prophesy. Last year when Demetria ministered, over 600 people were on the livestream! See Page 3 for more details.
On September 19th I will share stories of people around the world who have been healed and teach on how you can flow in supernatural healing. Join me at 7:00pm at Ingleside Church for this one-night Healing School.

     Part of living is growing weary. In Isaiah we read that Father loves to restore weary ones and give rest to those who are running hard. Join us on September 2nd to hear an encouraging message on waiting on the Lord. This message will also be posted on the website and Facebook.

They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31


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