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 Since January 1, 2011, Ingleside International, affiliated with Ingleside Church,  actively partners with multiple organizations around the world, “Building trusting relationships with courageous leaders.” 

There is a critical need to empower the brave believers who live and work in countries with restricted religious freedom. These followers of Jesus face ministry obstacles, economic hardships, persecution and lack of training and tools. Ingleside International actively partners with multiple organizations around the world, building trusting relationships with courageous leaders.


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When was Ingleside International formed?

Dr. McLewin and a team of volunteers launched Ingleside International on January 1, 2011, as an organization affiliated with Ingleside Church.


How does Dr. McLewin meet national leaders?

He regularly attends major networking events where leaders from the most unreached parts of the world gather to strategize and learn from the experiences of others. In this relaxed setting, Dr. McLewin is frequently asked by leaders to visit their country and help train their leaders.


What kind of training does Dr. McLewin offer?

Our focus is on equipping leaders in the persecuted church. We HeHteach courses on sharing Christ with Muslims, evangelism strategies from the missionary journeys of Paul, Old and New Testament studies, discipleship, freedom in Christ and other biblical subjects. One of his specialties is the role that geography plays in understanding the stories of the Bible. His teaching includes photographs taken from 20 years of traveling to holy sites in the Bible.


Why do organizations need outside trainers?

There are very few local schools where leaders can receive quality training. History has shown that when nationals are brought to the west for training, they very seldom return to their home country. This is a devastating loss to local organizations. Bringing an outside specialist to train has helped to keep the brightest and best leaders ministering in their respective countries.


Who pays for this training?

Organizations that train nationals usually cover most of the cost of the training. Locals sometimes pay a small registration fee. Training is funded by donations from individuals, churches and foundations. In places where the national church is more mature, they are able to participate more fully in the cost of this training.


What has Ingleside International accomplished in our first five years?

We have conducted more than 50 training events in over 30 countries. Over 5,000 leaders have received training. In evangelistic meetings sponsored by Ingleside international over 50,000 people have received Christ as their Savior. Teaching materials have been translated into 14 languages and shared with the persecuted church.


How is Ingleside International funded?

We are praying for God to raise up 700 people who will faithfully support us with $16 a month. $125,000 will provide enough to fund seven major training events and allow us to visit our key partners at three major regional networking events.


What is the relationship between Ingleside International and Ingleside Church?

Dr. McLewin served as the senior pastor of Ingleside Church for 30 years. He now serves as the church’s International Pastor and directs the ministry of Ingleside International. The McLewin’s live by faith through donations made to Ingleside International.


How often does Dr. McLewin travel overseas?

For the past ten years he has spent approximately two weeks per month overseas.


What is Dr. McLewin’s background?

Dr. McLewin was born into a pioneer missionary family. His parents sailed from New York to South Africa in 1949 by steamship to take the Gospel of Jesus to Indian laborers working the sugar cane fields of Natal, South Africa. In 1972, at the age of 18, he came to the USA to attend college. He holds a BS in Behavioral Science, an MA in Biblical Studies and a D.Min in Biblical Geography. Dr. McLewin is married to Margaret English who shares in the teaching and inner healing ministry. They have five children and nine grandchildren.


Are gifts to Ingleside International tax deductible?

Yes, Ingleside International is an official ministry of Ingleside Church a registered church in the State of Virginia with non-profit tax deductible status.


How can Ingleside International be contacted?

Ingleside International

925 Ingleside Road

Norfolk, VA 23502

Phone 757.685.1526


 How can donations be made to Ingleside International?

By Surface Mail or Secure Donations by PayPal

Click HERE to give Electronically through PayPal.

Checks can be mailed to to Ingleside Church. Just list “I.I.” down in the “note” section.  Physical address listed above.

* Since Ingleside International is an official ministry of Ingleside Church, a registared church in the state of Virginia, all donations are tax deductable with non-profit tax deductible status.


How are donors informed about International’s projects and progress?

Regular updates through Constant Contact with photographs and fascinating articles keep our donors informed about how their contributions are extending the Kingdom of God around the world.


 How can I be a part of this ministry?

Not only are donations graciously accepted but we also believe there is great power in covering this ministry in prayer.

Want to learn more? Contact Ingleside International, get on our mail list where you can recieve regular updates through Constant Contact with photographs and fascinating articles which keep our donors informed about how their contributions are extending the Kingdom of God around the world!