Life Notes: September 11, 2016_”Divine Aikido”

Life Notes
Divine Aikido
Icebreaker: If you were a cartoon character which would you be and why?

Why do you think aikido works? How does it change the way you view defending yourself? Why do you think people don’t expect it?
How would you have redeemed humanity? Why do you feel Jesus chose to redeem humanity through the cross? How does it feel to have a Saviour that took Satan down by offering himself as a sacrifice?
How does aikido vs. other kinds of fighting change the way you view how Jesus handles confrontations?
What do you think aikido and the way Jesus chooses to take down his enemy says about the nature of His authority?
In aikido what effect does aggression have for the practitioner and for the opponent? How do you feel this can relate to how you handle confrontations?


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