Life Notes: April 8, 2018_”Healing Incurable Diseases”

Life Notes
Healing Incurable Diseases
Luke 5:12-14

Icebreaker: What do you remember about leprosy from the movie Ben Hur?

1. What impact did seeing pictures of people with leprosy have on you?

2. What connection were you able to make between leprosy and incurable diseases?

Read: Luke 5:12

3. Share about someone you know who has been told they are in the final stages of an incurable disease.

Read Luke 5:13

4. What new ideas did you gain on Sunday from Jesus’ response to the leper’s request?

Read Mark 1:41

5. How did Jesus heal the leper?

6. What did you hear the Lord say to you about praying for terminally ill people?


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